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A hidden Gem.  One of the most exciting and unique Cabernets in the Yarra Valley.


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Without a doubt, this is one of my absolute favourite wines from the Yarra Valley.  After years of tinkering on their family vineyard and in their little shack winery in Steels Creek, James and Morgan Calder set of to Italy with some ideas about how they wanted to focus their winemaking.   With just a few acres of Cabernet, and a bit of Cab franc on their farm, it could be said they didn’t have a lot to play with, but they returned with such clarity and direction – that has resulted in their unique 2016 Ripasso.

A first release of this style for them, and the only example of it in the Yarra Valley.  It is part of a larger winemaking idea, using an old technique from Northern Italy, where freshly picked grapes are hung naturally dry, a process traditionally used in the production of Amarone in Italy’s Valpoicella wine region. The drying then concentrates and intensifies flavours, body and colour in the grapes, and are used to make a very rich wine (Blackwood Hill’s Black Pearl – yet to be released.)

It’s once this stage is done that this wine is formed.  The pressings of this Black Pearl are added (or “repassed”) into the field blended Cabernet table wine – the warmth and sugars in the skin pressings cause the wine to re-ferment, imparting additional colour, flavour and characteristics to create this Ripasso.

Its is an outstanding Cabernet Blend – darker, richer and more complex than any Yarra Cabernet.  It is a testimony to the Calder’s adventurous spirit, and wholistic philosophy that governs their natural winemaking venture.  Blackwood Hill is at the start of something very special.

2016 Vintage.  13.2% alc/vol.  750ml Bottles.

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