Payten & Jones ‘Valley Vignerons’ Sangiovese


A very compelling case for Sangiovese in the Yarra Valley.  Sweet notes and herbal tones.

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Behn Payten and Troy Jones have been playing with Sangiovese for a fair few years now, with their flagship multi-vintage Lueconoe releases causing us all to take the variety a little more seriously in the Yarra Valley.   On paper, it is certainly a variety that should do well in the Yarra, but have very little planted, but with the likes of Payten & Jones’ set of Sangio they are certainly making the case.

The latest 2017 ‘Valley Vignerons’ release is what they describe as “your Monday to Thursday bottles. Purposefully made to be smashable.
Approachable and chilled out – but no less delicious than the rest of the crew.”  And they are absolutely right.  Enjoy the medium bodied smoothness, sweet notes of raspberries and a base of dried herbs too.

2017 Vintage.  13.5% alc/vol.  750ml Bottles.

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