Boatrocker Brewing Co. ‘Jungle Jive’ Sour IPA

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Boatrocker Brewing Co. ‘Jungle Jive’ Sour IPA


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Jungle Jive Sour IPA is a dry-hopped kettle sour that strikes the perfect balance between tart acidity, tropical, juicy hop aromas and a mild amount of bitterness on the finish.


If you want a bit more detail:

“The result is something of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The aromas from the glistening pale golden beer are predominantly of a soft Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit bent, making the bracing acidity that sweeps your palate something of a surprise. Like the first mouthful of a chilli dish, it asks your palate to step up a notch so you can fully appreciate a smooth and full bodied beer with a finish akin to a dry white wine.” – CraftyPint.

5.8% alc/vol, 330ml Bottles.

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