Dirt, water, hops, BEER!!!

»»Dirt, water, hops, BEER!!!

Dirt, water, hops, BEER!!!

We are very proud of our kitchen gardens at the front of the brewery and also in our beer garden. The produce has been flowing and making regular appearances throughout our menu. We promise you won’t taste a better tomato than one that has been plucked straight from the vine and out on your plate the same night. The only thing that rivals our love of food is our love of beer.

Brendo (our head brewer) had some left over hop plants that we decided to plant in the beer garden with the hopes of harvesting our own fresh hops for a one off harvest ale. The hops have burst into life and grown up our back wall like nothing we have ever seen before. Sometimes growing one whole foot over our non trade days. The buds are what all beer geeks get excited over as they are a staple ingredient in most beers. The hops adds the aromatic qualities and bitter notes to beer and help balance out the rich sweetness that come from the malted grains. Our buds are looking fat and plump and we are all eager to get in and harvest. We started with dirt and water, we have hops and soon we will have beer for you to try. Bring on the “Harvest Ale”!



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